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My name is Zoe Lane, and I see dead people. 

Sure, being a medium isn't easy. Things like dating, working, and even sleeping are all hard to do when there's a ghost hovering nearby, demanding your attention. But it's not all bad, and I'd like to think I'm getting pretty good at it...most days. 

Except for today, when twenty-one-year-old Penelope Muffin appeared. She looks like she just stepped off the set of a bad horror movie, and she has no recollection of how she got here. Spirits are supposed to be restored to their prime after they die, and I have no idea what to make of her disheveled state. Frankly, she's freaking me out, but it's my job to help her. The problem is, no one knows she's in trouble
but me, and when you go around town talking ghosts and murder, you start to look crazy. 

Now the police think I'm the suspect--well, just Sheriff Vance, who doesn't trust me anyway. I've got to find Penelope's body, her killer, and figure out what happened--and I have to do it fast. Otherwise, I'll be locked up for a crime I didn't commit. 

It would be a whole lot easier if Penelope would stop obsessing about her Instagram account and help me solve this crime before it's too late. 



 Book One: Making a Medium 
 Book Two: The Medium Place 
 Book Three: Medium Things 
 Book Four: The Marvelous Ms. Medium  

 Book Five: The Medium's Tale 

 Book Six: A Medium Education 

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