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My name is Zoe Lane, and I see dead people. 

I thought I was getting pretty good at this whole medium gig ... until today. Have you ever been kissing the man of your dreams when his dead ex-girlfriend appears? 


I have, and let me tell you it's a total mood killer.

Her name is Vanessa Tobin, and she's a journalist with a passion for truth and justice and self-help books. The last thing she remembers is investigating the disappearance of twenty-year-old Lux Piefer. She was close to solving the case. Too close.

Now we need to find Lux and catch Vanessa's killer. Helping us is my new partner who can see glimpses of the future. You'd think this would be useful, but the thing about the future is it's ever-changing. The more we dig, the more things change, and the more things change, the more we realize that we're not dealing with a missing person case and a homicide. What we've got is a serial killer on our hands with a list of victims that is growing by the minute.

Did I mention we have twenty-four hours to figure this all out or one of us will die? Considering one out of three of us is already dead, chances are high that it will be me.

If I survive today, I'm going to need a long ghostless vacation.



Book One: Making a Medium 
Book Two: The Medium Place 
Book Three: Medium Things 
Book Four: The Marvelous Ms. Medium 
Book Five: The Medium's Tale 

Book Six: A Medium Education 

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