Tired of living life on the sidelines, Liv Olsen gave up everything—her job at the #1 podcast series in the country, her apartment, most of her belongings—to launch her own show, Missing or Murdered. Teaming up with her kid step-sister, Camry Lewis, the dynamic duo set out to be the next big thing in true crime.


On the program for season one, the sisters’ focus on the case of twenty-three-year-old Amelia Clark, who vanished ten years ago after an embarrassing video of her went viral. The police found the California native's car and personal belongings, but the investigation quickly went cold. A decade later, Liv and Camry retrace Amelia’s final steps, unearthing dangerous secrets, lost loves, quirky characters, and a lifetime supply of cinnamon rolls. As funds run low and time runs out, the investigation is complicated by anonymous threats. Threats from someone who doesn't want Amelia's story told.


Liv and Camry have a lot riding on their Missing or Murdered podcast. Now it's more important than financial success. They have to know. 


What happened to Amelia Clark? 


Stay tuned for episode one: Gone Cold.

Missing or Murdered is back for season two!

Stepsisters Liv Olsen and Camry Lewis thought creating a hit true-crime podcast was hard, but it turns out re-creating a hit true-crime podcast for a second season is even harder. With the pressure from sponsors mounting and fans anxious for a second installment, Liv and Camry are ready to dive into the cold case of Brinkley Douglas.

Twenty years after Brinkley Douglas supposedly walked home from her boyfriend's house, her body was found buried at the local park. A discovery like this brings more questions than answers. It doesn't help that the court of public opinion long ago convicted Brinkley's boyfriend, Joel Zander, even if he had never officially been named a suspect by authorities.

Now, Liv and Camry are determined to find out what really happened to Brinkley. Did Joel do it? Or has he been unfairly punished for the last twenty years? What Liv and Camry do know for sure is that there is someone out there who does not want them to continue their investigation. 

Will Liv and Camry survive to tell the tale for a season three?

Not if Blocked ID has anything to do with it.


Stay Tuned!


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