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My name is Zoe Lane, and I see dead people. 

I'm not your typical medium. The kind portrayed on your favorite television shows. The spirits who visit me aren't interested in reuniting with loved ones. Nope. The spirits I connect with have sought me out for one thing and one thing only: justice. A task that would be easier if I were a homicide detective instead of a twenty-three-year-old wannabe journalist with a love of hot romance novels. 

Now, the spirit of Andrew "Drew" Foster is here, and he's desperate for my help. Drew was convicted sixteen years ago 
for the murder of real estate agent, Margo Stolper. A crime I'm not so sure he committed. It turns out Margo may not have been completely honest in her dealings, and even worse, I think she was a medium just like me. Was she killed because people knew about her gift? 

With a possible medium murderer on the loose, I need to be extra cautious. But justice must be served, and if Drew wants to rest in peace, then we need to clear his name. The problem is I've made many enemies over the last few months. Well, just one. Sheriff Vance, the most powerful man inFernn Valley. He's not about to let me unravel the only murder case he's ever solved. Not without a fight. I'm ready, though. At least I thought I was. There's a twist to this case even I didn't see coming. 

If I'm not careful, exonerating Drew just might be the last thing I do. 



 Book One: Making a Medium 
 Book Two: The Medium Place 
 Book Three: Medium Things 
 Book Four: The Marvelous Ms. Medium  

 Book Five: The Medium's Tale 

 Book Six: A Medium Education 

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