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From the "Hilarious" (Huffington Post) bestselling author of the Cambria Clyne Mystery Series comes a new laugh-out-loud cozy mystery with a paranormal twist... 

My name is Zoe Lane, and I see dead people. 

Well, I see one dead person. Willie MacIntosh, a ninety-something-year-old multi-millionaire, who looks thirty, has a demanding personality, a strong opinion on my wardrobe and my love life, and he wants to know how he died. 

The problem is, there were a lot of people who wanted Willie MacIntosh dead, and it's my job to figure out who the killer is. At least, I think it's my job. This whole medium gig is new to me. What I do know for sure is digging around in a dead stranger's life, especially when there's a multi-million dollar inheritance on the line, is a dangerous business. 

If I'm not careful, the next dead person will be me.






Book One: Making a Medium 
Book Two: The Medium Place 
Book Three: Medium Things 
Book Four: The Marvelous Ms. Medium 
Book Five: The Medium's Tale

Book Six: A Medium Education

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