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My name is Zoe Lane, and I see dead people.

Over the last year, I have confronted criminals, solved murders, saved lives, had multiple brushes with death, looked into the eyes of a serial killer, and stared down the barrel of a gun. I thought I knew stress.

I thought wrong.

In all my life I have never experienced anything as stressful as the pickup zone at Trucker Middle School. There are kids everywhere, people are honking and cursing, and a mom in a minivan just flipped me the bird because I didn't pull my car up fast enough.

These parents would lay off the horn if they knew what was at stake. I'll bet none of them have a ghost sitting next to them, nor are they in charge of picking up the ghost's still living child. Yet here I am with Dr. Connie Batch. This morning, she blasted into my room, having just been killed by an unidentified man in a mask. She's afraid her husband and son could be next. Now it's my job to find the killer and protect her family before anyone else dies--including me.

Also, has anyone seen my cat?

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