The Cambria Clyne Mystery Series

When Cambria Clyne, an out-of-work single mom, takes the job of an apartment manager at an LA complex, she hopes her run of bad luck is finally coming to an end. But it takes a bad turn again when a dead body turns up, a crime spree takes over the community, and Cambria finds her complex squarely at the center of it all!

"Hilarious and fun!" -The Huffington Post 

The Lost Souls Lane Mystery Series

For Zoe Lane, life in her small town is too dull for words--until the recently deceased start appearing, wanting to know how they died. With her cat Jabba by her side, Zoe unravels mysteries and catches culprits in this fun and fresh paranormal cozy that will have you laughing and guessing until the very end. 


The Podcasting Sisters Mystery Series 

Out February 2020, this new cozy mystery published by Henery Press is about two sisters who put everything on the line to create a true-crime podcast about a young girl who vanished ten years ago. 

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I write fast, and I always have at least three books in production. 

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Out March 10, 2020